Senin, 03 Maret 2014

A pink lake in Senegal

As I said the other day to show the natural pool of To Sua Ocean Trench, the world has really magical places . One of them we have found in Senegal, where the Retba lake, also known as the " Pink Lake " is situated.

Located north of the region of Dakar , Cape Verde, is a unique place in the world for its particular pink that has made him the subject of many scientific studies and photographic lenses . Want to know more about this magical corner Senegalese ?
The scientific explanation

This curious lake, covering an area of ​​about 3 miles , gets its pinkish tone due to its salinity and Dunaliella algae that produce a red pigment to resist such salt concentration. When the pigment and salt in contact with the sunlight, the water turns pink. This shade is especially visible in the dry season , as the algae that causes this reaction in water color is multiplied massively .
high salinity

As I just mentioned , one of the peculiarities of this lake is its high salt content , superior even to the Dead Sea , which causes people to float easily. Additionally, this feature feeds the locals , who are dedicated to scrape the bottom of the lake and transport in rudimentary boats to shore , where they get this mineral water extract and then sell .

Men and women are protected from the corrosive salt smearing with shea butter , a kind of cream that protects the skin of the shea tree made ​​today have a lot of success among lovers of beauty .

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